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    • Large quartz tube
    • Large quartz tube

    Large Quartz Tube


    Large quartz tube is a high-precision material widely used in the field of technology, mainly made of organic silicon compounds and high-purity quartz powder. The application range of quartz tube is very wide, including optoelectronics, aerospace, biopharmaceutical, chemical and other fields.

    Optoelectronics industry:

    Optical devices require the use of quartz tubes to guide laser beams into the measurement device. It can also be used to manufacture high-power laser devices, as well as optical fibers and telescopes

    Aerospace Technology:

    It is used to manufacture solar panels, Optical instrument, navigation equipment, etc.


    It is widely used in the field of biochips and in the process monitoring of compound manufacturing.

    Chemical industry:

    Due to its stable corrosion resistance to various chemicals, quartz tubes are used to treat Corrosive substance such as strong acids and alkalis in the chemical industry. For example, manufacturing quartz reflectors for high-purity monocrystalline silicon and ceramic bonding.